Oxygen Concentrator 10 Litres

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS *Working voltage (V/Hz 220 ± 10% / 50 ± 1 / 110 ± 10% / 60 ± 1 *Rated power (w 600 *Flow range at nominal *pressures of zero and 7 kPa (L/min)  0.5 10 *Oxygen concentration at the nominal zero pressure of the outlet (within the initial start-up within 10 min, the specified concentration level is reached)  When the oxygen flow rate is 0.5~10L/min, the oxygen concentration is ≥90% *Maximum recommended flow rate (rated flow rate)  10 L/min *At the maximum recommended flow rate, a back pressure of 7 kPa is applied and the flow rate changes. :≤0.5 L/min *Oxygen concentration at the recommended maximum flow rate (within the initial start-up within 10 min, the specified concentration level is reached) :≥90 *Flow adjustment range :Continuously adjustable from 0~10L/min *Stand-alone net weight (Kg) :23 *Machine noise dB(A) :≤55 Dimensions (mm) ???Length 380 wide 330* high 600 *Oxygen output pressure ???40-60kPa *Hypoxic indicator ???At rated flow rate, when the oxygen concentration is ≤82% (± 3%), the yellow hypoxic indicator light is displayed. Please turn off the machine immediately, use the spare oxygen, and contact the supplier or manufacturer immediately. *Compressor safety valve release pressure: 250kPa ± 50 kPa Oxygen outlet temperature: ≤46°C When the altitude is between 0 and 2000 meters, the oxygen concentration is ≥90%, and the efficiency is less than 90% from 2001 meters to 4,000 meters.
The product uses molecular sieve as the adsorbent, uses the advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle, and uses air as the raw material to produce oxygen through physical means. The following features:
1) The air is taken from nature.
2) Adopt advanced pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA), advanced process flow and low energy consumption.
3) The product has a novel shape design, simple operation, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

Carbon dioxide content ≤0.01% (v / v)
Particle size of solid matter ≤10um
Running noise ≤60dB (A)
Timer error ≤ ± 3%