Spazies Automatic Electric Fryer Machine

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1. Model: 1270

2. Structure of fryer: pure oil type

3. Heating mode: electric heating power 36-48kw.

4. Fried products: meat, etc

5. Frying time: freely set according to customer requirements

6. Frying temperature: 0-210 °C (can be set as required)

7. Material: the fryer is made of SUS304 stainless steel

8. Material thickness: the plate thickness is 2.5mm, and the shell adopts 1.5mm thick plate

9. Insulation device: with 50mm thick aluminum silicate insulation layer

10. Mixing system: a set of planetary mixing device to make the frying effect of the product the same inside and outside.

11. Equipment size : 1500 * 1400 * 1500mm, frying basket diameter: 1000mm

12. Electrical appliances: the well-known brand Chint electrical appliances is
adopted, and the frying operation is automatically controlled

13. Discharge motor power: 0.75KW, mixing motor power: 0.75KW, voltage: 380V

14. Four universal wheels are set at the bottom of the equipment to facilitate
movement in the workshop.


Product Description:

The whole machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, the frame body is welded with high quality stainless steel, it is strong and durable, and the shockproof device is installed in the equipment, which avoids the sloshing and displacement of the equipment caused by rotation in the process of use. The equipment adopts the principle of mechanical centrifugation, through the high speed rotation of the inner cylinder, the oil is thrown out and collected. Mainly used for vegetables, food, medicinal materials after washing or
soaking or cutting vegetables, and fried food after all kinds of food off the surface oil, make it beautiful, taste good, easy to store, easy to package, save oil, etc. The food after deoiling is not easy to break, which is conducive to the next step of the product operation faster and faster. 


This machine is mainly composed of separation system, filter bin, discharge bin, transmission system and electronic control device. The whole machine (except motor, bearing and other standard parts) is made of corrosion-resistant steel, stainless, non-corrosion, in line with the national food hygiene needs.
The main components of this machine are inner tank, the inner tank is covered with small holes, and the food and vegetables to be deoiled are placed in the inner tank. The motor drives the inner tank to rotate at high speed through the belt. As a result, a large centrifugal force, oil through the small holes in the tank was thrown out, collected and unified discharge.
三、Technical parameters:
Dehydration diameter 700 mm
3、Motor power 1.5 kw, rpm 400 rpm
4、2.0 mm material thickness
5、About 1400*1300*1500 mm in shape

Temperature control instrument
Electrical switch    : 3
Bearing                 : 1
Heating tube        : 1